Say Goodbye to Callisto Too

It appears my vocal reaction to the disappointment of being forced to take down my online implementation of Ingenious has triggered an immediate negative reaction from Knizia Games such that I have to also take down my implementation of Callisto as well.

What a sad turn of events from a knee-jerk reaction. I’ll be strongly considering looking elsewhere when spending my game purchasing dollars in the future.

I apologize to all of you that found some enjoyment playing the two titles over the years and appreciate your comments and enthusiasm over the years. I hope I’ve been able to make a small difference in your lives.

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Painting: Blood Rage

I’ve finished the large Blood Rage monsters and they turned out better than I expected. I was a little worried about choosing a glossy finish for the sea creature (to make it appear wet) since it was dramatically different than the other three, but I’ve had several positive comments that it was a good choice.

I’m particularly happy with the way the shading turned out with the blue and red. I was expecting much more of a fight with those as I’d read that red is especially hard to work with.













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I Have To Remove Ingenious

Sadly, after years of hosting my implementation of Ingenious online, and having been granted the rights from Sophisticated Games to host the version, I’ve been contacted by the personal assistant to Reiner Knizia (Karen Easteal) informing me that I must take down the game or pay a yearly licensing fee.

As I don’t make any money from the implementation, it makes no monetary sense for me to keep hosting the game and sadly I had to remove it.

If you’d like to contact Karen concerning the implementation, including how this implementation may have encouraged you to purchase your own copy, it may help them see how this site provides free advertising for those who might be unfamiliar with the game.

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Painting: Golan’s Buddy, The Other Ridiculously Muscled Guy With A Club


Here’s the other ‘roided up guy I received with my Reaper Bones II Kickstarter. I’m not as happy with how the skin highlights turned out as I was with “Golan”. I, quite simply, rushed it. I’ve got to stick to the plan and not be so goal oriented. Painting seems to reward the slow methodical process and an attention to detail when working your way through brighter highlights. I think I’m ready to start in on my Blood Rage minis.



I got a kick out of those two rolls of skin behind his bald head. Funny how something like that sticks in your head.


Odd that the camera didn’t pick up on the highlights in his beard. There’s a lot of variation but here it just looks like a solid gray.



Near the end of the paint I noticed the veins in the arms and so I went back to try to subtly highlight those. You can see it a little bit in his left arm below.



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Painting: Golan the Hill Giant


After practicing on numerous smaller “Bones” minis I decided I was ready to move onto a larger scale mini. I selected Golan the Hill Giant with a goal of trying to paint “realistic” flesh (well, as realistic as one can get with the ridiculously muscled flesh of a fictitious creature). After watching a YouTube that covered this exact mini, I set up my work area and gave it a shot and I’m, in a very geeky way, proud of the result.




I really didn’t have any trouble during the process beyond not having any good way to hold onto the mini while painting. In retrospect I should have temporarily mounted it on a base and stuck it to the top of a jar or something I could comfortably hold. Live and learn I suppose.

Here are a some more shots of the final result. I’d be interested in comments if you have any suggestions on how I could get better.







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A werewolf-y thingie :-)

I had a couple of issues with this mini that I’d not had with the others so far. The contrast and saturation of the images leaves a little to be desired, for one thing. The splotchy look of the face is not near as noticeable in real-life but the iPhone camera picked up on something (the blotch of brown under his nose is not even noticeable).


I made a trip to my local hobby store and picked up some spray sealers, lacquer, and a black primer and I tried out the spray matte sealer on this mini with completely dismal results. The sealer left a white, seedy, residue that all but ruined the paint job. Maybe I didn’t shake it up enough but oh, was that disappointing to spray that on at the end.


You can really see the seedy texture on the black leather straps and the small bag on his back.


I fought a bit with the flesh tones and highlighting the muscles but I’m sure that’s common and will get better with practice. I’m still having a lot of fun and learning a lot.

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