Painting: Golan’s Buddy, The Other Ridiculously Muscled Guy With A Club


Here’s the other ‘roided up guy I received with my Reaper Bones II Kickstarter. I’m not as happy with how the skin highlights turned out as I was with “Golan”. I, quite simply, rushed it. I’ve got to stick to the plan and not be so goal oriented. Painting seems to reward the slow methodical process and an attention to detail when working your way through brighter highlights. I think I’m ready to start in on my Blood Rage minis.



I got a kick out of those two rolls of skin behind his bald head. Funny how something like that sticks in your head.


Odd that the camera didn’t pick up on the highlights in his beard. There’s a lot of variation but here it just looks like a solid gray.



Near the end of the paint I noticed the veins in the arms and so I went back to try to subtly highlight those. You can see it a little bit in his left arm below.



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