February Game Night – 2005

Ken was supposed to bring Ticket to Ridethis month. It was his big chance. It was the whole reason he bought the game.Every fiber of his body wanted to participate by bringing the game. Ken, however, let us all down and forgot it at homeand didn’t realize it until he walked in the door.

Thanks Rich for hosting this months get together. Paul showed up againand we’re very happy to see him back. I brought my wooden Carcassonne – The Cityto show to everyone. I haven’t played it yet and don’t like tobring a game to AGN unless I’ve played it. It’s so much harderto learn a game when nobody has played it yet. However….in this casewe had to learn a brand new game (see note above about Ken sucking at remembering Ticket to Ride)that Keith brought (thank goodness for Keith).

This month’s game was King of the Elves by Alan Moon. Note Alan Moon also designed Ticket to Ride but we didn’t getto play that game this month…’cause of Ken sucking so bad at rememberingto bring the game.

It took us almost an hour to go through the rules. In that hour, there wasplenty of grousing and complaining (see note above about not bringinga brand spankin’ new game to AGN). However, with encouragement we madeit through the rules and began playing. As it turns out, it was a nicegame. We only played 3 of the 5 rounds and that took us 2.5 hours. There were times when play was very slow but I think it’s a game thatspeeds up the more you play it and get settled in to what your optionsare when it is your turn.

After 3 of 5 rounds, Rich came out on top followed closely by Keith, then me, Ken, and Paul.