Painting: Blood Rage

I’ve finished the large Blood Rage monsters and they turned out better than I expected. I was a little worried about choosing a glossy finish for the sea creature (to make it appear wet) since it was dramatically different than the other three, but I’ve had several positive comments that it was a good choice.

I’m particularly happy with the way the shading turned out with the blue and red. I was expecting much more of a fight with those as I’d read that red is especially hard to work with.













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2 thoughts on “Painting: Blood Rage”

  1. The progression in your comfort level with your paints and tools is clearly evident! Of these four new offerings, the tentacled sea monster and the fire demon are my favorites. The colors of the sea monster are spot-on, as well as the application of the highlights on the demon.

    Are you still using a black primer? I’ve always liked a more neutral gray primer. Or in the case of when using ink washes instead of paint, a white base. The lighter the primer, the more luminous the end product.

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, I’m still using black primer but I’m having a hard time seeing the detail on the much smaller minis that make up the Blood Rage factions. I may switch to gray to see if that helps. I’ve not explored using inks but I’ve watched several videos about them. I plan to explore what I can do with them at some point in the future but I think I need to gain more experience with paints and washes so that I’ve got something in my tool belt I can compare against.

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