A werewolf-y thingie :-)

I had a couple of issues with this mini that I’d not had with the others so far. The contrast and saturation of the images leaves a little to be desired, for one thing. The splotchy look of the face is not near as noticeable in real-life but the iPhone camera picked up on something (the blotch of brown under his nose is not even noticeable).


I made a trip to my local hobby store and picked up some spray sealers, lacquer, and a black primer and I tried out the spray matte sealer on this mini with completely dismal results. The sealer left a white, seedy, residue that all but ruined the paint job. Maybe I didn’t shake it up enough but oh, was that disappointing to spray that on at the end.


You can really see the seedy texture on the black leather straps and the small bag on his back.


I fought a bit with the flesh tones and highlighting the muscles but I’m sure that’s common and will get better with practice. I’m still having a lot of fun and learning a lot.

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2 thoughts on “A werewolf-y thingie :-)”

  1. Matt, regarding the granulation of the varnish, make sure you aren’t mixing your mediums… acrylic sealant/varnish for acrylic paint/ oil based varnish for oils/enamels. The photos suggest a possible mismatch.

    Another technique you may want to keep in mind for the next time is to try any new spray on a piece of scrap plastic/metal that has been test primed/painted ahead of time.

    Hope this helps!

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