Analog Game Night – July 2010

Six of us got together for our monthly game night; thanks for hosting Jared! Our sixth was going to be a bit late so we tossed out a 5 player Dominion game using 5 randomly chosen base game cards (Cellar, Festival, Library, Remodel, Witch) and 5 randomly chosen Seaside Expansion cards (Caravan, Embargo, Explorer, Haven, & Island). I like using Dominion as a “filler” game but with five, the speed of play is a bit slow for my tastes. I like the Seaside expansion but using more than one version seems to unnecessarily complicate and extend the set up and tear down times.

By the time we finished, our sixth had arrived and we played a couple quick games of Werewolf. Yeah, we know it blows with 6 but a few people had not played so we played a couple of games to introduce the concept.

We split up into two groups of two mainly so that I could teach Roll Through the Ages to a couple of people while the other end played Hanging Gardens. We finished up RTtA relatively quickly and broke out Dice Town and burned through that quickly with three to end not long after the other group finished up their game.

We lost three to having to get up early but three of use stayed for a game of The Golden City to finish up the night.

Thanks guys and as usual, I’m looking forward to next month.