Dos Rios Is A Time Capsule

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Late in 2005, I bought a copy of Dos Rios and in the summer of 2006, my daughter, twelve at the time, was ready to give it a shot. We set up the game on the hardwood floor in our family room, the sun shining in the side door, the ceiling fan blowing cool air on our heads, and both of us lying on our stomachs taking our lumps as the desperados attacked us along both rivers.

On one move, my daughter sat up and began pondering her next move. I grabbed my camera and took a couple quick shots. Later that week I unloaded the compact flash card (remember those big & clunky cards!) and after a couple of tweaks to the image, I uploaded a black and white image to the Dos Rios game on BGG.

The game was just okay, and I ended up trading it away a few days later. But the image began to get some attention and within a couple of weeks it had gathered quite a few thumbs and some tips.

After a few months I began to think about retaking the image but I knew I wanted to wait a year or two. Since I’d traded away the game, I quickly obtained another copy back in a second trade and put in on the shelf for safe-keeping.

Fast-forward three years (2009) and I pulled the game out and my daughter, fifteen at the time, help me set it up in much the same way and we recreated the shot. Again I uploaded it to the Dos Rios gallery and the image was immediately a big hit gathering almost 1000 “thumbs” and lots of tips.

Three years again passed, and I started receiving emails and comments on previous images that it was almost time for another image upload. So, in 2012, we again set up the game and recreated the shot.

In 2014, my daughter moved out to live with friends and to attend college. She lives here in town so we still get to see her often but finding time in her busy, adult life is much tougher than it used to be. She was recently visiting for her twenty-first birthday celebration and I twisted her arm, just a bit, to recreate the shot in 2015. Who knows if that will be the last one but, as a parent, it’s sure been great seeing her mature over the years.

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