A Few More Miniature Painting Samples

I’ve been making my way through my Kickstarted Reaper Bones box of minis and practicing my painting skills. I don’t know what I’ll do with these things since they don’t go with a specific game but I’m finding them a great tool for honing different shading, highlighting, and base coating techniques. So far, I’ve been very happy with the Vallejo acrylics but I need some more browns. Luckily, with my birthday yesterday, my son and daughter pooled some money and got me four more brown shades. What a perfect gift.

Brushes are another matter. For detail work, I’m using mostly 0 and 00 sized brushes but I may need to spend a few more dollars on some better brushes. The ones I have don’t hold their shape very well without being loaded up with paint. Maybe my paint needs to be thinned a bit more. I also need to pick up some sealants (brush on matte varnish).

There’s so much to learn and given that these are only my second and third attempts at painting I wouldn’t put much stock in my amateuristic musings. I am, however, having a lot of fun, I’m learning fast, and I’m encouraged by how they’re turning out.










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