Game Surplus Oopsie

I had a gift certificate for Game Surplus burning a hole in my pocket so I ordered four games: La Citta, Saint Petersburg, Hermagor, and Yspahan and when I got home the box was sitting in the living room just waiting for me.

Unfortunately, as you can tell from the image above, two of the games were mysteriously missing and as a substitute I received a copy of Hamburgum and Ys. Both games are highly rated on BGG and I’ve thought about obtaining a copy in the past but not on this order. I sent off an email to Thor at Game Surplus and we’ll see how it goes.

Double unfortunately, both Hermagor and Yspahan are now sold out at Game Surplus due to a free shipping event today that brought in a lot of new orders.

Edit: Just heard back from Thor. He’s crediting my account for the shipping of the original order, he’s sending out copies of Hermagor and Yspahan, and a shipping label to send back Hamburgum and Ys.

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