Showing More Geekiness – 10,000 BGG Thumbs

“Thumbs” are BGG-speak for, well, thumbs. Every time you post a comment, thread, upload an image, file, etc… okay, pretty much any time you touch the site people have the ability to “thumb” content originating from your user id. On your profile page you can see your total thumb count and track back what items have been thumbed and by whom. They’re given for pretty much whatever reason the thumber desired: made-me-laugh, good-image, good-point, I-like-your-answer, bump-this-item-up-so-it-gets-noticed-by-others, etc.

The feature has gone through many iterations from allowing thumbs down to only allowing thumbs up, etc. but in the end, I’ve reached a personal milestone of 10,000 thumbs. I’m not the first by any means but it felt good in a strange, geeky, nerdy way and I thought I’d share.

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