Impromptu Gaming Session – IGS IV

On a spur of the moment, Lisa took the kids to her parents house 3.5 hours away for a few days as the last fling in the summer before she goes back to work and the kids get back into school. When she left home I was at work and she sent me an email stating that she was leaving for Indiana and that she and the kids had picked up the house a bit because she figured I’d already be organizing a gaming session while she was gone. We are soooo married.

So…to live up to her expectations of me, I hustled around and got Jason and Rich to come over for the evening and play Stone Age and Lexio. The more I play Stone Age the more I like it. Every time I’ve played I’ve tried a different strategy with varying levels of success. You can live or die by the dice but as Jason put it, you’re in control of the level of risk you’re willing to accept. The number of dice you roll is dependent on the number of cavemen you allocate to an area so if you really need to obtain a particular item then you’d darn well better not push your luck. I came out on top tonight which was extra sweet since it was the first official usage of my dice tower (well and it was the first time I’ve won in a long dry spell of humiliating losses :-). I’m convinced that we christened the tower well and my hope is that it will continue to roll well for me and become my own lucky tower of goodness from here on out.

We finished up the night with many rounds of Lexio as our wind down game. Thanks for coming guys. You helped me meet my wife’s expectations of me. Well, at least the expectations related to gaming that is.

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