Thebes – My first play

Noah and I tried out Thebes this afternoon. It was my first playing of the game so I’ll hold back any sort of review until I have a few more plays under my belt. I can, however, comment on the confusing rules:

  • No mention of paying weeks for the cards you draw
  • One part of the rules describe moving before you draw and another describes the movement as being taken after.
  • Confusing end-game limitations on the number of weeks you are allowed to dig
  • Multiple terms for the same cards (notes, legends, rumors, etc.)

Noah and I enjoyed our playing of the game, although we did play it incorrectly in a few places. He managed to totally destroy me with exhibition points and his ability to maximize the number of turns he would take in a row to catch up to my position. I felt I only had one lucky dig. Imagine my dismay being the first to dig in the ‘purple’ bag for six tokens to come up completely empty handed! We forgot to score the maximum knowledge in each color but I cannot imagine that it would have made a difference. As it was, Noah was out in front by about 20 points. Although I may sound a little harsh, I’m still looking forward my next play.

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