Before decking out the table for the feast we set up three different track layouts and the four of us had a fun time playing PitchCar.

PitchCar is a dexterity game where you lay out track segments into a ‘loop’ and you flick your ‘car’ around the track. The first player to cross the finish line after three laps is the winner. Your ‘car’ is a disk with the imprint of a race car on one side. If your flick causes your car to flip over your next move must only flip your disk back over. If you happen to flick your car off the track or cause someone else to be bumped off the track you must place your car back from the flicking point and you lose your turn.

We had a fun time laughing at mis-flicks, lucky flicks, and downright whiffs. I just wish the guard rails stayed in their grooves in the tracks a little better. I’d like to glue them in place but they won’t fit back in the box that way.

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