AGN – November 2005

We held Analog Game Night for November 2005 tonight at my house. We had eight to start with but Keith had to take off early.

We started with two tables with Ken teaching Keith, Rich, and Paul Queen’s Necklace. I think Rich won that but since I wasn’t at the table I have no idea how that went or if the game is any good. Anyone want to comment on that?

While they played that in one room, Mat, Gus, Tim, and I played Himalaya at another table. Tim won that one. I like Himalaya but it does seem a little long. Maybe it’s because it takes a bit with new players to get the zen of it and programming your moves is slow at first. In any event, that was the first time I’d played it with adult opponents and it held my interest. I hope it doesn’t stay out of print.

While we finished up the last few rounds of Himalaya, Ken, Paul, and Rich played Coloretto. I think Rich won that one too.

Gus and Mat took off and I taught Tim the game of Hive and after that we all sat down to the slowest game of Bohnanza I think I’ve ever played. We decided to finish at 11pm since Paul had to go but we didn’t even make it once through the deck (almost though). Boy was that painful. Rich won that but it was only a partial game and I’d have been more than happy to give him the win on a silver platter if it would have been over sooner.

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