I Juan to win sometime!

Lisa and I played San Juan tonight.

San Juan is a lighter, card-based form of Puerto Rico. It has a lot of the same elements but the game is simplified since there are no ships to load and you do not need to supply your production plants with colonists before producing goods. The game has the same flavor of choosing a role (Prospector, Counselor, Builder, Producer, Trader) that everyone will take the action for. As in Puerto Rico, the chooser takes a privilege.

During production, the cards themselves become the goods produced in your mills, and a set of 5 market cards set the price for your goods during trading. The game ends immediately after the building phase when a player builds his 12th building.

The two-player variant allows the Governor to choose a role a second time per round after his opponent chooses a role. This insures that three roles will be chosen every round before the Governor changes hands. The only rule modification for buildings is that if you’ve purchased the Library you do not get to double your privilege twice when you’re the Governor. Instead you must choose which time your privilege will be doubled.

After the end game is triggered, victory points are summed across your built buildings and additional points are awarded for any special-powers violet buildings. The player with the largest number of victory points is the winner.

And yes, I took my normal beating.

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