Hot Zigity Dog

Sophie and I played three hands of Cranium Zigity tonight. The game is a simple turn taking game where you try to get rid of all of the cards in your hand. The top card on the discard pile drives what your opponent must do when they play. There are several actions that your opponent might be forced to do:

  • Play 1 or more matched instrument cards
  • Play 1 or more sets of three that form a ‘Creative Cat’
  • Play cards that add up to 11 (exactly)
  • Play cards that form a word

If you cannot play you must draw a card or cause your opponent to Draw 2 or Draw 3 cards. There are also Free/Wild cards, Dodge, and Bounce cards that can be played to fight off being forced to draw cards.

Cranium Zigity is a light game good for waiting until it’s time for bed when you’ve only got a few minutes. The nifty transparent cards are somewhat of a gimmick but they do make the game look pretty neat.

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