October Game Night – 2004

Keith blessed us again by hosting so thank you very much Keith (and Rhonda). This month’s game was the card game version of Puerto Rico called San Juan. If you’ve ever played Puerto Rico (we all had), the rules to San Juan will come pretty naturally.

After a quick run through the rules, we commenced and played leisurely for about 2 hours until I was declared the winner by a small margin over Ken. Rich was glad to not be last to Keith’s dismal performance.

The “board” about a 1/3 into the game. Clockwise from the top left: Keith, Ken, Rich, and my hand.

Keith is about to yell at Ken for providing way too much turn angst. Rich is, of course, got his eyes closed in sleep. I don’t remember what we were eating but it doesn’t look very appetizing…

Rich wakes up to take his turn. Strangely enough though…his eyes are still closed. He’s using his psychic powers to simply “will” the right cards into his hand.

Yes…I do actually play the game so that’s me taking poor advice from Ken concerning my next play. Looks like Keith is finishing off some more of something.

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