Goodbye Feudum – Have a Good Life in Canada!

I ended up selling my copy of Feudum without playing it. I originally pledged it to play, but when the hype started kicking in I thought I might go the Kickstarter-speculation route and try to make some money on the pledge. However, my copy didn’t arrive until some 15 months after the pledge and the hype had died down to some degree leaving me in a quandary: show I play or should I go…

After watching a few play-through videos on YouTube I was convinced it was not going to be a good game for my group. 45-90 minutes to teach?! Wow. Not happening.  So, off it went. I think I got pretty lucky finding a buyer in Canada with a US postal address that was willing to pay the extra $35 shipping (!) to get the game.  Plus I made $50 on the pledge, whew!

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