Orléans: Deluxe Edition – Racks


A month or so ago a made a set of three racks to hold the Place Tiles for Orléans: Deluxe Edition. They look really nice and hold the tiles firmly (you can tip the racks severely front-to-back and they won’t fall out) but they’re slightly too vertical and any bump to the rack or table causes some of tiles on the bottom of the rack to tip forward. The tiles stay in the rack, but after tipping forward you can’t see them and it was annoying to keep tipping them back.


The rack’s stability relies on the small, half-moon, of wood on the back and I wanted to engineer a way to create a bit of a rear leaning angle without compromising the stability of the rack.


So, this afternoon, while working on another project (more on that later), I ran the racks through the table saw and ripped a bit off the bottom at an angle and it fixed the problem like a charm.

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