Belated 2013 Wrap-Up

It’s a little late but I thought I’d post an end of year wrap-up for changes to my collection that occurred in 2013. I ended the year with a modest collection of 264 board games (including expansions). I dropped 7 games due to trades but gained 20 overall.


  1. 7 Wonders Cities – Birthday Gift from Tim Thorpe. Thanks Tim!
  2. Airlines Europe – Received in a trade
  3. Amerigo – Cube Tower!
  4. Bora Bora – Feldian VP Salad
  5. Escape + Illusions/Doomed/The Pit – Dicefest Fun
  6. Francis Drake + Spain’s & Montezuma’s Revenge – Best looking Euro evar!
  7. Ginkopolis – Oddly themed abstract. Difficult to teach but everybody seems to like it
  8. Lords of Waterdeep + Scoundrels of Skullport – One of my favorites. Fantastic expansion.
  9. Machi Koro + Machi Koro Plus – Print-and-Play of my own design (art).
  10. Nauticus – Christmas gift. Can’t wait to play again.
  11. Navegador + Pirates & Diplomats – Received in trade. Gerdts rondel goodness.
  12. Rialto – More Feldness. Didn’t sit well with some but I like this San Marco-esque design better than San Marco.
  13. A Study in Emerald – Kickstarted and got in early on the signed copy. Artwork is a bit busy.
  14. Taj Mahal – Freebie from Buckeye Game Fest
  15. Takenoko – Fun with Pandas and Farmers
  16. Targi – Great 2-player but may be too in-your-face for my wife.
  17. Terra Mystica – Doesn’t hit the table enough. Fun with special powers.
  18. Urban Sprawl – Gift from Tim Thorpe. Dude…you rock!
  19. Il Vecchio – Old-school feeling design but still a solid game. Not sure it’ll stay in my collection.


  1. Before the Wind – In-shrink freebie from Great Lakes Games. Traded
  2. Colosseum – Just couldn’t get it to the table and jumped on a trade opportunity
  3. Glory to Rome Black Box Edition – Traded in the 2013 Holiday Math Trade. It’s probably what got me the $50 GC.
  4. Quarriors! – Just didn’t find it fun. Traded.
  5. Tobago – Good enough. Cool bits. Hard to teach for what you get out of it. Traded.
  6. Tournay – Just didn’t feel fun. Traded in the 2013 Holiday Math Trade
  7. Walnut Grove – Didn’t like this one at all. Traded in the 2013 Holiday Math Trade.

Good luck in 2014 everyone. I’ve already got my eye on several more games…

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