Dusty Game Day at the Marquand’s

I periodically host a game day outside the standing one or two game days a month and in the past we’ve usually picked titles from whatever people brought and from my collection (currently just north of 250 games). This time, however, I decided to bone up on some old titles and take the first two or three responders in hopes of being able to play some dusty games I haven’t played in years choosing those with sweet spots with the right number of players.

As it happened, many of the regulars were busy this weekend but I did manage to find two that are coming for a day (and night) of gaming for three. I’ve boned up on the titles in the image above; all are from my dusty games category. I’d need to hold several game days to get through all of my dusty titles but these are the ones we’re going to choose from. Now, I freely admit that one title, Trajan, is not dusty. In fact, it’s just out of shrink but two of us are really chomping at the bit to play it so that one is going to slip in. Just missing the cut were Wallenstein, Rails of Europe, La Citta, and American Rails.

Up on the docket are clockwise from the top left, Hansa Teutonica, Java, Carolus Magnus, Trajan, Tinners’ Trail, and Inca Empire. Thoughts?

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