Tricky Chicken Update

A few months ago I and two long time friends embarked on a project to implement an iOS-based application starting with the iPhone and moving towards the iPad. We already had a corporation set up from some previous ventures and were primed and ready to go when an opportunity fell into our laps. I was contacted by Michael Schacht concerning iOS implementations of a couple of his older and lesser known titles and over the course of a few weeks, he and I were able to work out a licensing agreement to start with one of his games.

Michael and I, although we’ve never met, have exchanged numerous emails in the past concerning my implementation of his game, Coloretto and the hosting of it on his own site. When he contacted me concerning in iOS implementation I got very excited. Unfortunately, Coloretto was not up for grabs (that would be a great game on the iPad) but an older game Crazy Chicken was available. Unfortunately, we’ve run aground on the name. A German company produces DVD-based videos and games under the name Crazy Chicken so we’ve gone with Tricky Chicken as a play on words for card tricks and it carries over some of the feel of the crazy illustrations. We liked “Whacky Chicken” but alas, in German, the word whacky doesn’t have that same je ne sais quoi that you’d hope for.

However, I’m proud to say that development has been coming along nicely although I’ve been struggling greatly with some Core Animation glitches on slower 2G iPhones. On faster 3G and 4G phones it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Here are some early screen shots of some of the game. I’m sure some aspects will change but that’s what we’re working with so far.

The game currently allows for one on one play (you against the computer) as the original game was designed. A later incarnation of the game called “Drive” that had different artwork and some minor rules changes to support a 3rd and 4th player are not supported.

We’re excited to be bringing a little known but very neat game to the iOS platform and we’re working hard to get it polished off and available in the App Store.

Tricky Chicken Splash Page

Tricky Chicken Main Menu

Tricky Chicken Game in Progress

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