I think this is called, “tooting your own horn”

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Sebastian Sohn (BGG’s chaosbreaker and an assistant teacher for a game design class at the Arts Institute of Los Angeles) concerning my Ingenious implementation here on Marquand.net. Sebastian maintains one of the coolest geeklists on BGG albeit with one of the most unwieldy titles Sebastian Sohn’s SoftBoard Games: Free, Commercial, and Abandoned Computer Version of Board, Card and Role-Playing Games with Computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) Opponents with Screen Shots. In his email, he was curious about how I’d managed to keep my implementation of Ingenious up and running when so many other sites have been forced to remove them. After exchanging several emails, he decided to “interview” me for The Game Cookery, a web site dedicated to games and game design.

I was surprised and a bit flattered to be interviewed because I’m not a person of significance in the world of board games. I’m just a guy who carries on normal life activities in the middle of Ohio, has a rather questionable number of board games stacked in his house, wrote some code on the side, and wishes he had more time to play games. I don’t really know what horn I’m tooting here but it feels like I’m tooting something. Maybe I’m just plain tooting. In any case, you can find the article here if you so desire to read more.

Thanks Sebastian. Hope I didn’t screw up.

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