Gathering of Neighborhood Friends

Lisa and I got together with a few friends from around the neighborhood for some good company, good food, and light games. We managed to struggle through our first playing of Nuns on the Run on odd deduction game where one player plays the role of the two guards and everybody else is running around the nunnery trying to obtain a secret key to the room holding a hidden treasure. If you can obtain your treasure and make it back to your room without the guards catching you, you win.

Nuns on the Run is a bit long for what it’s worth and I think we were playing a bit wrong in how we become visible for short periods of time during our moves when we cross the guards line of sight. It’s not a game I would buy but worth a play just to see what it’s all about.

We also played Medici with six which was quite fun. Medici is a relatively dry (not much theme) game of purchasing goods at auction to fill your ship. Once everyone has a full ship (or the tiles run out) everyone unloads their various goods for points. Everyone is trying to gather goods that when delivered push their tokens higher on the goods tracks but sometimes you must fight others for those goods at the auction. Medici is a short (about 45 minutes) game and with only a few turns in each of the three rounds it’s over before you know it.

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