Buckeye Game Fest 2009

CABS held their 10th annual Buckeye Game Fest this past week(end) and I had a great time. I attended Thursday and Friday nights, worked in the games library and registration desk, and played games for most of Saturday. By Saturday evening I was exhausted and thought it best to head home. Unfortunately I started getting a sore throat by Saturday night so it’s probably a good idea that I didn’t push it and try to attend on Sunday.

You can usually find somebody to play about any game you can imagine. CABS has over a thousand games in their collection and available for check out with just a driver’s license or credit card. The convention is run relatively well and for the most part it’s a giant open gaming forum. There are some fixed events and small tournaments but in general it’s all about providing a big space for people to play games to their hearts content.

But it can be rather daunting to the uninitiated. Working at the registration/library desk exposed me to all kinds of people and I really tried to help the people that made the attempt to come to the con but seemed overwhelmed by the choices. The tables can be somewhat clique-ish and if you’re shy at all about talking to “strangers” or asking to sit in on games you’ll find yourself with nothing to do but stand around wondering why you came.

I think the convention could benefit from a bit more scheduled items catering towards the new people…the families and couples that like games and made the huge step of even coming but aren’t ready to drink from the gaming firehose. Something like reserving 3 or 4 tables for one “gateway” game being taught by someone who can manage all the tables but isn’t necessarily playing. CABS was giving away a free game to every registrant, why not teach those games to people?

I don’t have a lot to say about each of these images but they do represent a few of the games I got to play (when I remembered to snap a picture). I’m already looking forward to next year.

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