I Hope CABS Takes Me Back

The last CABS meeting I attended was way back in late July or early August of 2006. My life was getting pretty hectic at the time and I was burning out on gaming. When Friday rolled around I didn’t feel much like gaming and it was a chore to get myself up and over to the hall. The fun was gone and I let my membership lapse. But, the break did me some good.

Life pressures have seemed to calmed down a bit and although I still have a relatively busy schedule, my gaming-foo is back and I think I can swing at least periodic attendance. After talking with Lisa, I’ve registered for the Buckeye Game Fest held October 1-4 and I’ve included in my registration fees enough cash to pay for a membership through the rest of 2009 and a full 2010 membership.

I doubt I’ll be able to attend even two-thirds of the scheduled meetings but I’m hoping to get in a good dose of gaming beyond what I’m getting at home in my two gaming groups that meet monthly and what I get playing opportunistically with family and friends. The next two weeks are booked with small trips but I hope to jump-start my CABS gaming on an upcoming bonus Saturday with a whole day of gaming at the end of the month.

Now…let’s hope they take me back…

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