My Unplayed List

Okay…my list is getting bigger so something has to give. It’s either I have to stop acquiring games or somebody has to help me get them played.

With my recent acquisition of After the Flood, my list of unplayed games is populated with the following titles. In no particular order (I’m leaning over looking at my game cabinet as I type):

  • After the FloodA Martin Wallace game for exactly three players. A little on the long side at 3 hours but I’ve liked the other Tree Frog games to this point so I’m itching to play. Three only is going to make it a tough on a standard game night. I’d have to organize a special night for this title.
  • In the Shadow of the Emperor2-4 players vie to become emperor by influencing the electorate. I traded for this a few months back and even with good reviews I’m struggling to stay excited about it.
  • Saint PetersburgA card drafting and hand management game for 2-4 players. I don’t know what’s keeping me from cracking the shrinkwrap. Apparently, there exists a rather single path to victory but I’ve refrained from reading what that is in hopes of playing it enough to learn it for myself.
  • Rails of EuropeA Railroad Tycoon expansion with a tighter European map and some small rules modifications. Lasting 2 hours for 3-5 players, it’s on the long side for my game group but I do have some Tycoon fans that might appreciate it.
  • Tinners’ TrailAnother Wallace game I’ve mentioned numerous times before. There it sits on the shelf mocking me. I love the mining theme and just need 2 or 3 more friends to enjoy it with.
  • HamburgumThe rather ridiculous looking box art hides a supposedly good game. I just received this title as part of my BGG Secret Santa gift so I can’t complain about it gathering dust. Listed as lasting 75 minutes for 2-5 players it looks like a perfect fit for my group. I just need to hide the top of the box. Man…that’s some crappy box art.
  • TempusAnother BGG Secret Santa gift this year. I’m rapidly becoming a Wallace fan it appears! With a modular board, an action point system, and area control…what’s not to like. I just need 2-4 more people to spend 75 minutes with me.
  • Red NovemberCoop games seem to be the new fad and Red November brings a lot to the table in a micro-sized box. Drunken gnomes fight all kinds of nasty things going wrong on a sub and it the job of 3-8 players to work together to fix them or everybody dies. The game has an interesting twist on turn order employing a Thebes-ish style of play where the active player is the player whose “ghost time token” is farthest back on the time track. You may take a turn multiple times until you’re no longer in “last” place. Noah seems interested in this title so I may get an opportunity to play this sooner rather than later.
  • YspahanAcquired a few months ago, I just haven’t found the right opportunity to get this dice-based game to the table. 2-4 players compete in this dice-fest for 75 minutes. Hmmm….maybe I should have passed on this title.
  • New EnglandPurchased used but unpunched back in October. Read through the rules (kinda) once but it didn’t immediately click so back on the shelf it went. It’s an auction/bidding and tile placement game for 3-4 players lasting 90 minutes and it gets good ratings so it should work for my group. So why hasn’t it seen the table?
  • DominionI just got this title for Christmas along with Red November. This card game for 2-4 players only lasts 30 minutes but there are 500 cards and the game features a “deck building” aspect much like a collectible card game. There’s something daunting about that for me. Maybe it’s feeling like I’d have to play it so many times to feel like I know what I’m doing. Ah well…I should just ignore the feeling and just play it already. It’s just 30 minutes…

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