Over a year ago I got my first look, via the web, of a game called Jamaica. The artwork was outstanding and when coupled with the board, the themed rules, and the treasure chest-like box it made for some eye-popping gaming goodness. Unfortunately, the game was a special order given to GameWorks SàRL by ASSURA SA, a Swiss insurance company. From what I understand, the game was to become a gift to some of their special insurance clients.

Designed by Sébastien Pauchon, Bruno Cathala & Malcolm Braff, Jamaica followed Pauchon’s success in 2006 with Yspahan and a relatively unknown game named Animalia. ASSURA SA had a hand in Animalia, contracting the game’s production to be used as a promotional tool for their line of pet insurance products. ASSURA SA controlled the entire print run and unfortunately, few have had hands on experience with the game; a shame because the artwork, by Mathieu Leyssenne, is fantastically rendered.

Roll forward a year and a half and Asmodée Editions secured the rights to reprint Jamaica for the US market. When I heard the news I started waiting…and waiting…and waiting for someone to list it for sale. It was supposed to be available this month but I have yet to see anyone have any copies. However, last night Pozy.com was listing a few copies for only $37.99 in their “steal of the day” section and I managed to secure one before the “you’re too late” button showed up.

So, I’ll be home swabbin’ the deck getting ready to play.

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