My Latest Shipment

I’ve been in backorder hell at Game Surplus. My copy of Rails of Europe (a Railroad Tycoon expansion) and Galaxy Trucker won’t be restocked until some time in July at the earliest. These copies were holding up my copy of Oasis, an Uberplay title that I wanted to obtain before they became scarce (Uberplay recently ceased operation) and Amyitis.

So after waiting a month, I decided to have them split the order and since my 43’rd birthday recently passed I threw in a copy of Inkognito and El Capitan. I played Inkognito at CABS and always desired a copy because it’s a completely different kind of game than I have in my collection. It’s a deduction game where two players (eventually deducing that they are partners) either win or lose to the other set of partners. Plus, it’s got the Nunzilla piece. Who can pass that up?!

El Capitan was a title that wasn’t particularly on my list until I saw it was in stock at Game Surplus, I recognized it had had an artistic face lift by Mike Doyle, it has some neat mechanics, a great theme, and was rated highly at BGG.

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