My Second BGG Trade Arrives – Dos Rios

My second successful BGG trade arrived today. Last week Sophie mentioned that she wished we had a copy of Dos Rios so I began my quest for a copy via trade. Before my membership had expired, we’d played a borrowed copy from the CABS library and enjoyed it quite a bit. In fact, an image I took of us playing is one of my highest thumbs uploads and is the highest thumbed image for the game.

My game group also played the game one year ago this month. I called it a keeper back then and I’m hoping that now that I own it, I’ll still feel the same about it.

The game does have paper money which I detest. You can see in the image above, that I’m going to try using extra acrylic nuggets from my Nexus Ops “rubium” order as replacement money. The two sizes of rubium should work out pretty well as a direct replacement since Dos Rios has only two denominations of bills ($100s and $500s).

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