Recent Wave Of Gaming

I rarely post images of myself on the site but I thought I’d post an image that Noah took of me playing Masons tonight.

Just two days ago I posted a story about being more particular about buying games given that I don’t play that often any more. Wouldn’t you know it but the last few days have been packed with games. Lisa and I played Hansa a couple of nights ago. I’m a fan of Michael Schacht’s designs and Hansa is one of my favorites. It’s a rather dry, cerebral game with some theme sprinkled in but I still enjoy it and feel ready to accept a game whenever offered. The following day, Lisa and I played a two-player game of Arkadia. I was surprised at how well the game played with two. I would have expected that more players would be required to keep it interesting but after playing, I think it shines with two. There is less down time between plays and there seemed to be less of that ‘not so fresh’ feeling of having your perfectly planned setups going awry.

Tonight, we played a game of Masons as a family and Noah totally blew us all away. He had so many good scoring cards and I couldn’t for the life of me get anything of any value. I brought of the rear and I was swapping cards like crazy with no success. I’ve only played Masons once before during a rare lunch-time game session at work. I’m still a little unsure about it. I want to like it but I’m not convinced it’s more than going through the motions. I probably sound like a sore loser but I’m not. I greatly enjoy playing games with my whole family and look forward to it regardless of where I end up.

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