If a BGG user falls in the forum forest…does it make any sound?

Over the last few months, BGG users have been aligning themselves with one of five groups: 1) The Ameritrashers, 2) The Eurosnoots, 3) The “Why can’t we all just get along”s, 4) The “I don’t give a crap”s, and 5) The “Hunh? We’re dividing into groups?!”. I don’t usually get involved in BGG politics because I see it as mostly pointless. In heated debates, email and forums are a horrible medium for expressing one’s views unless one is a very adept writer. Whenever I try to make a point, I usually end up sticking my keyboard in my proverbial Submit button so I’ve learned to keep my distance.

One particular user has, in my opinion, been the most ardent instigator of this battle and today, Aldie banned him from the site. It’s the first time that has happened in the history of BGG-dom. It seems it was a big thing for those that care. For me, I’m moderately glad in hopes that it will usher in the return of more game related posts.

The back story is that he’d been asked several times to stop being so harsh towards people and to focus on the games. He publically refused. Left with no choice (from Aldie’s perspective) he was banned. After the news broke, the forums filled with mud slinging, avatars being flipped to “Long Live…”, harsh words being exchanged between users, mud slinging towards Aldie, mud slinging over the worthiness of some users, cries of freedom of speech, etc. You’d have thought the sky was falling.

It’s all really quite silly. Get a life people. Get some perspective. It’s a website about boardgames. It’s not about global warming. It’s not about a stock market crash. It’s not about a new form of incurable brain tumor. It’s about boardgames people. Go out to eat with your family…take a break…play a game. Come back tomorrow and life will be the same.


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