Kracked Kreta

Lisa and I played a game of Kreta the other night and I think the game is broken with two. Lisa had a rough start and I was able to get a substantial lead. About two-thirds of the way through the game we were fighting pretty hard for different territories as the fort cards flipped by. We then, however, entered the twilight zone where it only made sense for each of us to play the Kastelan card as our first play. The last third of the game was played out in about five minutes in a flurry of scoring rounds.

Is this game broken with two or did we just encounter a rare situation? I remember a game of Piratenbucht that Sophie, Noah, and I played once where we only battled once the entire game. Now that’s whacked! It completely ruins a pirate game when you ain’t doing no plunderin’ er pillagin’. Arg!


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