Initial Short List

Here’s my initial short list of selections I’m considering buying with my gift certificate and some comments about them. I can’t get all of them but the exact number I do purchase depends on cost.

If you have any feedback on them I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Manila
    I like the looks of this game and the ‘fun’ nature of it. It’s all about barges, freight, and profits that depend on the roll of the dice. I’ve heard CABS members, on several occasions, laughing and groaning while playing. It literally sounds like it must be fun to play.
  • Thurn and Taxis
    Commonly referred to as a good Gateway game for those that like Ticket to Ride. A route building game centered around stagecoach mail delivery and designed by Andreas and Karen Seyfarth (Puerto Rico and San Juan), Thurn and Taxis will definitely make the final cut.
  • Age of Steam
    An oldie but a goodie. A game that many serious gamers have in their collection. However, my fear is that my group won’t be interested in playing it. I suspect it will sit much like Power Grid or Reef Encounter where the complexity and the length of play (about 2 hours) exceeds their interest level.
  • Elasund
    Based on the original Settlers of Catan game, players vie to build the premier city of Catan. I’ve only seen the game played at CABS but it looked very interesting. It appears to play nothing like Settlers which I appreciate but there appears to be much more of a ‘screw the leader’ feel to it which I find annoying.
  • Kreta
    I’m a Stefan Dorra fan (Amazonas, For Sale) and of area control games. The look of this game, the theme (harvesting grapes and olives), and the manufacturing quality look fantastic. A highly rated, 60 minute game for 2-4 is hard to beat.
  • Kingdoms
    Coming highly rated from someone I work with, and having Reiner Knizia as the designer…it’s probably a sufficiently interesting game. The production quality looks a little cheesy but then again, if the game is good enough I can let that slide.
  • Masons
    I’m also a Leo Colovini fan (Clans, Carolus Magnus, Inkognito). Sounding a little boring by now I’m sure, but it seems like you can’t go wrong with a highly rated game with superbly manufactured components and designed by one of the best designers.


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