A Taste of Mexica

Lately the every day aspects of life have been putting a real crimp in my ability to play very many boardgames. Noah and I had a little bit of time last night and he wanted to learn Mexica. We managed to play half of the game before it got too late but I think he got a good feel for the game.

Mexica is one of those games that I just don’t ‘get’. This article hits the nail on the head. At its roots, the game is just another exercise in area dominance but there’s something about it that really messes with my ability to play it well.

I tend to focus on ‘my’ territories and/or I spread myself too thin which costs me too much to go back to thwart attacks. Even knowing all of this I’m not sure I am smart enough to know how to be a better player. I’m also not convinced that the game is fun enough to be worth getting better…


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