M’44 Eastern Front

Noah and I had a little bit of time tonight so we cracked open the M’44 Eastern Front Expansion and played out the #40 Breakout at Klin Scenario (Dec 07-08, 1941). Noah (Russia) ended up winning 6 medals to my 5. We played the standard M’44 rules and didn’t play the Blitz or the Russian Command rules since we didn’t have much time to do anything but play with the rules we already knew.

I’ve played enough games now that M’44 is just beginning to wear a little thin. However, not having played against an adult opponent I’m curious if it’s because of the game or because I’m playing it lightly against young opponents.

The game of Clans plays you back at the level that you put into it. In other words, if you play the game lightly, it feels light and fluffy. However, if you approach the game in a heavier and for lack of a better description, a more brainy way, it plays back that way. Maybe I just need to approach M’44 in a different light…

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