Geeky Justice -or- All that glitters is not Geek Gold

Okay, I admit it, I’m a boardgame geek and I spend way too much time reading about games on (BGG). As a card carrying member of BGG for several years now (I registered in December of 2002), I’m slowly amassing what’s called Geek Gold. Now Geek Gold is really kinda silly but for contributing content to the site, you get this stuff and you can then use the stuff to pay for things like a personal avatar image (mine is the Carcassonne tile on the right), a geek badge, an uber-geek badge, games in the auction area etc.

After implementing an electronic version of Leo Colovini’s Clans game I had found a BGG Geeklist enumerating free online games that have computer opponents. I wanted to add my game to the list but I hadn’t uploaded a screenshot of my game to the Clans game. So this last weekend I did that and waited for the image to be approved. Today, I got the email that it had been rejected due to it being too similar to other images for Clans. I was shocked! How could the image of my game be too much like other images for Clans?

So I jumped out to BGG and looked up Clans and found this image had already been uploaded. I had missed my opportunity to get Geek Gold for my own game since ‘chaosbreaker’ had already uploaded a screenshot.

The funniest thing about the whole thing is that chaosbreaker was the author of the geeklist I was trying to add my game to in the first place.

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