Memoirs of a Gamer

I got my new game fix again on Friday. Rich was putting in an order and I dropped in a few more titles. I normally order from Game Surplus but Thought Hammer offers free shipping on orders over $100 so we went with them. I’ll still go back to Game Surplus for orders less than $100 but I was satisfied with the price and service of Thought Hammer.

I ordered Memoir ’44 to provide a heavier weight 2-person game. The game plays like a light game but my hope is that it feels heavier than most 2-player games like Balloon Cup, Battle Line, etc. My covert reason (although not now) is that it might entice my game group to feel better about breaking into two tables and to reduce the “I’m sitting at the kiddie table” feeling.

I bought Coloretto and Tichu as filler/closer games that will also be nice to take on trips. Both games are easy to learn with the added benefit of appealing to more non-gamer types since they are more familiar with card-based ‘family’ games. Tichu also supports up to 10 players so it will scale well when you get done playing a round and the additional cousin or in-law is wanting to jump in.

If you have any thoughts or words of wisdom about my purchases, feel free to comment.

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