Origins 2005

Keith and I took half of the day off from work and headed down to the Columbus Convention Center to attend the Origins 2005 convention. Origins is held in Columbus every year and is the 2nd largest gaming convention in the United States.

We arrived around 1:15 and waited in line about 45 minutes to get our registration badges for the exhibit hall. On entry to the hall it became immediately apparent that it was going to be different than I imagined. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I didn’t expect to be able to purchase knives and swords, armor, and historically accurate leather goods.

I also realized that my calibration was off concerning the ‘interest level’ in what are classified as ‘table-top’ boardgames. Table-top games comprised only 30% of the booths in the hall. I was expecting something on the order of 75%-80% with the remainder relegated to collectible cards, D&D, historical miniatures, etc. I was way off, concerning the collectible card games. I would estimate that 60% of the exhibit space was occupied by cards, dice, and D&D items. As a table-top gamer, I was a definite minority.

I did, however, end up purchasing a copy of Alhambra and a copy of Oceania. I spoke briefly with Jay Tummelson from Rio Grande Games concerning my potential purchase of Goa. He said, if I wanted it I should get it now since they’re out of stock but that they’ll be printing more in the fall.

All in all, I think the trip was worth it. I wish I hadn’t wrenched my back in the morning (making sitting playing games more than painful) but I suppose I’ll go again next year. I’d like to stay longer (without the back pain next time) to attend the gaming sessions in the war rooms in the evening to get some experience with some new games before buying. Thanks for going with me Keith.

A few images are available in the Gallery. Enjoy.

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