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Welcome to Lexio

Lexio is addictive. If you've never played Lexio, or cannot find someone to play with you right now, please try out my implementation. However, I encourage you to purchase your own copy to play with family and friends. Playing against 'bots' are okay in a pinch but the real fun comes in playing the game face to face.

To start playing, click the start button below and follow the directions. I also encourage you to leave comments on the stories below to let me know what you think of the game, problems you're having, constructive criticism, or just chit chat.

Rules are available after you click start. Look for the rules link in the game parameter splash page.

This is currently a beta version of the code. I have tested in IE, Firefox, and Safari. The bot logic is currently very basic. I'd like to think that more advanced bots are on the horizon but time will tell.

Current Issues:

  • IE 6 users may see very slow response times. IE may be configured to keep requesting the images from the server. If you see lots of flashing and/or slow image painting check your Tools->Internet Options. Under the General tab's Temporary Internet Files section, click the Settings button. The 'Automatic' setting seems to work the best.

New Bot Logic Coming

Finished up some new bot logic last night and they seem to be playing much better. I'll be testing some of the smaller nooks and crannies of the new logic this evening. My plan is to release the logic upgrade to the public this weekend sometime. I have a question; should I offer the logic as a selectable opponent or just upgrade the logic as the default and only logic available?

Edit: The new bot logic was deployed this past weekend and I've had comments that they're playing better but not super. I'm going to take a break from the game a bit and think about how best to approach the design from a different angle. My hope would be to offer a selection on the splash page that would allow you to play against the current bots, newer bots, and maybe even a random mix of the two flavors.

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Lexio Updates

I've uploaded some suggested changes and fixed a couple of bugs. I've been getting a lot of good feedback from BGG users that I greatly appreciate. Keep 'em coming.

  • - Fixed a flush meld comparison bug
  • - Modified the tile selection logic to disallow placing tiles in your hand all willy nilly. You are either clicking/dragging the tile to select it or deselect it. There's no inbetween.
  • - The game should restart AND pay attention to any splash page modifications from the previous game now.
  • - Dropped the red PASSED text in favor of something more readable (black)
  • - Looking at bot dumbness now. I'll be on that one awhile since, well,...they're really dumb!

Press F5 to refresh your browser to pick up the new code and the stylesheet modifications

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Announcing Lexio

I'm proud to announce my implementation of Lexio. I was going to wait until I developed a more advanced bot but I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I've enjoyed playing against the 'dumb bots' but I'm excited about the implementation. Keep in mind this is still an early beta release so I would not be surprised to find some gotchas in there. The implementation is all DHTML and Javascript so there are no special plugins required and it should work fine in IE, Firefox, and Safari. I haven't tried it in Chrome yet so if you're a Chrome user, let me know how it goes.

I strongly encourage you to find a local game store or an online vendor and purchase a copy of this great game so you can play it with friends. Lexio is a Korean game that's a bit hard to find but if you put some effort into it, you can find a copy floating around here and there. The time and effort will be worth it.

To begin playing, click the Start button below. When you return to play you can use the Red 2 in the Online Games block on the right or go here.

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