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Welcome to Callisto

Callisto is an abstract tile laying game designed by Reiner Knizia one of the most prolific board game designers working in the industry today. If you've never played Callisto, or cannot find someone to play with you right now, please try out this implementation. However, I encourage you to purchase your own copy to play with family and friends. Playing against 'bots' are okay in a pinch but the real fun comes in playing the game face to face.

To start playing, click the start arrow below and follow the directions. I also encourage you to leave comments on the stories below to let me know what you think of the game, problems you're having, constructive criticism, or just chit chat.

Rules are available after you click the arrow. Look for the rules link in the game parameter splash page.


This is currently an alpha version of the code. Known problems exist in IE6. It is playable but slower than most any other modern browser. I've tested in the latest version of Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE.

Announcing Callisto

In cooperation with Sophisticated Games, I'm proud to announce the successful deployment of Callisto here on Marquand.net.

In this Reiner Knizia designed title, 2-4 players vie for placing all of their tiles on the board that morphs in shape according to the number of players.

This implementation of Callisto not only allows you to get a feel for the game before purchasing your own physical copy, but it also gives you that quick fix of playing against computer opponents over lunch, after work, or any time you have only a few moments to play or you can't find a sufficient number of opponents.

Hop over to the Callisto Home Page and treat yourself to a few games.

Callisto currently supports English, French, and Dutch but along with my partners at Sophisticated Games, we'll soon be including German, Spanish, and eventually Italian.


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