Unfortunately, after years of hosting my implementations of Ingenious and Callisto online, and having been granted the rights from Sophisticated Games to host the versions, I’ve been contacted by the personal assistant to Reiner Knizia (Karen Easteal) informing me that I must take down the games or pay a yearly licensing fee.

As I don’t make any money from the implementation, it makes no monetary sense for me to keep hosting the game and sadly I had to remove it.

If you’d like to voice your opinion about the games, you can contact Knizia-Games using known public contacts and social media and include how these implementations may have encouraged you to purchase your own copies. By doing so, it may help them see how this site provides free advertising for those who might otherwise ignore or know little about the games.

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11 thoughts on “Ingenious”

  1. I press the ‘s’ or ‘l’ key’s and it does not let me swap tiles. And yes I know that you can only do that when you don’t have any tiles of your lowest scoring tile in your hand. I tried it numerous times and it still doesn’t work.

    1. I checked out the code tonight and ran through some scenarios when it’s valid to swap tiles and it worked fine for me. Are you sure you’ve got all of the rules straight about when it’s valid to swap tiles?

      Maybe you could link to a screenshot right before you attempt it or describe the state of your scoreboard and tiles when you attempt it?

  2. I have been playing this game for years online, many times a day. It is my go-to way to clear my head. I purchased the game twice, and both times the purchased game did not work on Facebook — rotating the tiles brought up a window to do some Facebook task. I couldn’t play it.

    I’d be willing to pay to keep the status quo. Ingenious withdrawal won’t be pretty.

    1. I said Facebook above, in error. The downloaded game did not work properly, period, for the same reason — hitting a random key, never mind an S, did not rotate the tile but instead brought up a bookmark dropdown or somesuch. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. A true shame. Ingenious was what brought me to your website originally. As a former employee at Pittsburgh’s premier board game store, I was able to translate my enthusiastic appreciation of Ingenious into an appreciation of other Reiner Knizia board games, which of course meant more sales.

  4. It appears now, that my vocal disappointment to having to take the game down has caused some issues for Sophisticated Games which was not my intent. Sophisticated Games made no indication about the future of the online game other than to direct me to follow what Reiner’s assistant was requesting. The negative social media campaign was self-directed and was solely my effort to keep the game up and my visitors happy.

    Unfortunately, my disappointment has caused enough of a reaction that my ability to keep Callisto online has been revoked by Reiner as well. C’est la vie and I’ll vote with my wallet next time I go looking for a game to purchase.

  5. I left a msg at, asking how to download and purchase Ingenious a week ago. No reply.

    Any idea why it’s vanished completely? You can play a demo at Bigfish Games but when you press the Buy button an error appears saying it’s not available.

    I miss it!

  6. It is ironic because I decided to buy the game after playing its online version here some years ago.
    Then today I was going to show the game to a friend, also trying to make him learn how to play first before buying, when I saw it was shutted down. Really sad.

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