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Some Minor Ingenious Bug Fixes

I've neglected the code base for many months but I've had a few bug reports so I want to thank a few hard core users that nailed down the issues. Honestly, I was dreading going back and figuring out how to fix the problems, not because the code is bad but just because I've mentally moved on and I'm currently focusing all of my energy into Uberbadger.com. However, that's rather unfair to those of you who come to Marquand.net mainly to play Ingenious, Coloretto, and Clans. So, with that, I dug into the code and wouldn't you know it, it's only taken about 30 minutes to isolate the issues, test them, and update the code on the site.

You should clear your cache or start a game and then refresh the page (F5) to load new javascript.

The first bug was a wording issue with dropping a tile in an invalid position. The text now applies to all moves rather than just your first move.

The second bug related to starting to move a tile while the computer players were playing. The moved tile would not snap back into its original position as it does if you wait for the computer players to finish, move a tile and then decide to start moving another tile. It was as if the game forgot how to snap the tile back to the rack. With the bug fix, if you drop a tile while it's not your turn, the tile will go back to your rack.

I've also updated the text on the game back to indicate that you can hit the x-key or escape to close dialog boxes. That's always been available but wasn't stated in the page.


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Some Minor Ingenious Bug Fixes
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, June 10 2008 @ 09:34 pm EDT

Cool game. I found it while reading software dev memes. One change I suggest is to remember how many players selected between games. Also once you hit the start button, I couldn't figure out to move off without clicking and starting the game.

Some Minor Ingenious Bug Fixes
Authored by: matthew.marquand on Tuesday, June 10 2008 @ 10:10 pm EDT
Thanks. Glad you like it and thanks for your suggestions.

I didn't understand a portion of your comment though.

I couldn't figure out to move off without clicking and starting the game.

In this context what does "move off" mean?

Tile swapping?
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, June 17 2008 @ 07:41 am EDT

Very nice. I have seen others play Ingenious, but not played it myself, till I played this version. So I'll be able to shock the face-to-face players with my expertise!

One query - I seemed to have problems doing a tile swap. I'd make my move, then press "s", but I wasn't at all convinced the computer had swapped my tiles - often it just seemed to top them up. When other players swap, the computer alerts me to this fact. Perhaps when I swap, it could do the same, which would reassure me that it is not cheating

Tile swapping?
Authored by: matthew.marquand on Tuesday, June 17 2008 @ 08:02 am EDT
Tile swapping is only allowed in specific circumstances. My implementation will swap tiles if it's allowed. If it's not it just ends you're turn. This is a common question so maybe I should put up a dialog that indicates why you cannot swap.

After placing all of the tiles allowed on your turn (usually only one tile unless you've scored one or more Ingenious), you refill your hand from the supply up to the allowed six tiles and the next player takes their turn. Immediately before you refill your hand and when conditions are right, you can optionally choose to set all of your tiles to the side and refill your entire hand from the supply. The tiles you set aside are then placed back in the supply. The swap conditions are met if the color of your lowest score (or colors of your lowest scores in the event of ties) cannot be found on any of the tiles that remain in your hand. For example, your least advanced colors blue and red are tied at five on your score board, then you are allowed to swap all of your tiles if neither blue nor red can be found on any of the tiles in your hand. During a face to face game, your tiles must be shown to the other players before you are allowed to draw new tiles.

Tile swapping?
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, June 17 2008 @ 08:34 pm EDT

Thanks, Matthew. I agree that there may have been times when I thought I could swap tiles, but in fact I couldn't. If you can put in the computer's response, this will reassure me - either "Tiles swapped", or "Tile swap not permitted", and in the second case, display the hand, as you do when other players swap, so I can work out why the swap was not allowed.

And please don't implement a tougher AI - the game is tough enough as it is :)

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