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Welcome to Marquand.net! I’ve been blogging about board games since 2004 and have a passion for getting together with friends and family to play board games. Hopefully you’ll stick around, read some things you like, and pull up a chair and comment now and then. I look forward to the dialogue.

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  1. Hi fellow boardgamer,

    You have a cool board game page. I wonder, are you also interested in writing about digital game aides?

    If the answer is yes, then you might be interested to know I have developed an AI to play certain tabletop board games against. Kind of like an old style chess-computer but then operated from your mobile device.

    The software is currently undergoing a lot of changes in terms of how it “thinks” and I have started a Kickstarter campaign to try and add more games to the list.

    Check it out if you are interested:

    If not, then my apologies for bothering you.



  2. Hi Matthew,

    I came across your page regarding your crokinole board build. First of…I am a hammock camper! I just did a 6 day solo canoe trip into algonquin park (I live in Ontario). I think I caught the perfect four hours of fall colour…

    Anyhoo, i am building a crokinole board as well. I was in the final stages but was really unhappy with the LINES! Last night I ended up sanding down the birch ply top in order to start again. I did use a dark stain (which i like, but will likely keep it raw next time around) and am using white sharpie. I have a similar circular jig i made. first time around, the lines went down well, but they did not like subsequent layers of wipe on poly as it cause the lines to bleed slightly…hence why i restarted. So, I am doing a danish teak coat first (because I like how it reacts to the wood grain better) they a poly coat or two, then the lines. What did you do for the first poly layer after the sharpie lines? did you use a spray on? What product? I have some tests going now, but don’t want to make another error! Thanks in advance for the guidance! Your board looks great. all the best.

    1. Nice trip! Covid really messed up my trips and the extra heavy snow out west last year ruined another big trip I planned in July! Really chomping at the but to get out again. I even hung in the backyard on the tree-dog setup I have.

      If memory serves me correctly I was using a water-based wipe on poly over the Sharpie. That’s probably why it didn’t react as I suspect you need a petroleum solvent to dissolve it maybe?

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