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Welcome to Marquand.net! I’ve been blogging about board games since 2004 and have a passion for getting together with friends and family to play board games. Hopefully you’ll stick around, read some things you like, and pull up a chair and comment now and then. I look forward to the dialogue.

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1 thought on “About Marquand.net”

  1. Hi fellow boardgamer,

    You have a cool board game page. I wonder, are you also interested in writing about digital game aides?

    If the answer is yes, then you might be interested to know I have developed an AI to play certain tabletop board games against. Kind of like an old style chess-computer but then operated from your mobile device.

    The software is currently undergoing a lot of changes in terms of how it “thinks” and I have started a Kickstarter campaign to try and add more games to the list.

    Check it out if you are interested:

    If not, then my apologies for bothering you.



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