MarQon – 2024

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything. COVID threw a wrench in our lives complicating the deaths of both my parents. We decided to take some time off to live a little bit so we bought a 25′ Airstream and hit the road meeting people, traveling, playing games, and playing on the beaches.

We’ve had (and continue to have) a ton of fun with the Airstream community, traveling, rallying, and seeing the US & Canada. We’ve put some 40,000 miles on the truck and camper so far, met hundreds of new people, and look forward to rallying more.

This last summer we traveled to Wyoming for the International Airstream convention, and then spent 9 days in Glacier National Park. After that we headed up to Regina, Saskatchewan to attend a BixCon gaming event.

Airstream International Rally in Rock Spring, WY -2023

And that brings up to date with MarQon. I’ve been wanting to host a gaming event for years and love the small-format used by BixCon events and Great Lakes Games. After a long struggle finding a venue here in Columbus, I can finally announce that MarQon – 2024 is officially open for registration. You can find out everything on the MarQon Facebook Group . You can also get caught up by just clicking through various links in the MarQon Event Registration.

I’d love to see you attend MarQon.

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