Cabin Con 2018

Cabin Con 2018 was a little different than most.  After years of fun but dilapidated furnishings and the constant threat of losing power and/or heat, we decided to level up and start paying more for better accommodations.  This year we secured a house about an hour north of Columbus to hold our annual Cabin Con getaway for my game group.

As usual, we spend the MLK weekend from Friday afternoon until Monday morning hanging out and playing board games.

Several of our attendees are regular gamers but enjoy getting together, learning some new stuff, getting a mini-vacation with the guys, and generally just hanging out with board games as a background activity we all enjoy.

If you’re a regular follower of this blog (all 2 of you :-), you immediately see that we had much better accommodations this year. It was well worth the additional money providing plenty of natural light, comfortable beds, nicely supplied kitchen, and furniture that wasn’t falling apart.

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