Blood Rage: Fenrir

I don’t have any of the Kickstarter Exclusives so when I painted the miniatures in my base game and 5-player expansion I figured that’s all I’d ever get a chance to own.

However, I found someone willing to trade a game for Fenrir, the giant wolf, son of Loki, who comes with its figure and a card to add to your Age 1 deck. If Fenrir is on the board (except Yggdrasil) at the end of the age, then that province will be destroyed in Ragnarök.

I was excited to get this miniature and, although it’s worth some money, I went ahead and painted it so that I could add it to my game and enjoy playing with it rather than just letting it gather dust as part of a “collection”.

I hope you like the result!

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2 thoughts on “Blood Rage: Fenrir”

  1. What makes your blog post even more timely is this past week’s episode of GOT.

    I love the sculpt and your paint serves it well, Matt. I’d like to see a bit of lighter color in the fur of the facial/head area to reflect the Hero status(?) that many might consider this character to be.

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