oddball Aeronauts

I recently ran across oddball Aeronauts on BGG and after scanning some of the artwork and the description, I jumped out to Kickstarter and backed it.

From the web:
Play-in-the-hand – Anywhere! Because oddball Aeronauts doesn’t require a surface to play on it can literally be played anywhere! On a train, in the school yard, in a convention queue, in the college library (get back to your books you!), between gaming sessions – these are all very good and highly commendable places and circumstances for playing the game.

The artwork immediately caught my eye, reminding me of Chris Riddell’s work on The Edge Chronicles. Flying ships, sky pirates, fanciful creatures, interesting characters, what’s not to like in this game?!

I’m always on the hunt for good two player games and one that provides a few minutes of fun in a small package AND doesn’t require a playing surface is already head and shoulders above other games. I’m really looking forward to my copy.

Each player faces off with a deck of cards playing the role of either the Pirates or the Pendragon officers. Taking turns, players attach each other, evade, board each other’s ships, react to events, and take damage. All of this takes place within your deck of cards and as soon as a player damages every card in the deck, she loses and her opponent is declared the winner.

Jump out to oddball Aeronaut’s website and take a few minutes browse around. There are lots of info to learn more about the game, watch review videos, etc. If you like what you see, I encourage you to pledge some money towards the game.

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