Playing With Two

Lisa and I have been on a roll lately, running through at least one game a night for a few weeks now. We’ve been dusting off oldies but goodies that haven’t seen the table in months (years?) and having a lot of fun rediscovering the gems that we’ve enjoyed in the past but just haven’t taken the time to enjoy recently. Playing games together as a couple helps bring us closer rather than each of us doing our own things separately every night. Go grab a game and challenge your spouse or significant other to some friendly competition; you won’t regret it.

Alea Iacta Est – We played a two-player game and then another, each playing as two players.

Samurai – Last time out of the box…years ago but an excellent game no matter how many players you have.

Glen More – Great with two!

Keythedral – Looks great but better with more than two. Okay with two but wow, that initial tile placement is crucial.

Carolus Magnus – I’ve always played with three but makes a surprisingly good game for two as well

Macao – One of our favorites but last night’s game, the dice were brutal to both of us…mind the gaps in the wind rose!

The aftermath of last night’s game

San Juan – I even had trouble finding this one on my game shelves but I’d forgotten how much fun it is.

In looking for San Juan I found Jaipur tucked in behind some other games. I hesitated pulling it out (not really) because Lisa is really good at it but I gotta take my lumps (besides she gets a kick out my grumbling about my crappy card choices! 🙂 ).

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