I’m Still Alive

Firstly, thank you for the concerned emails about my lack of posts. I’m doing fine but struggling to find time to play games and write session reports lately. I had my main “business” machine crash on me but I didn’t lose any data since I keep everything on a remote RAIDed network storage device. However, I’ve taken the opportunity to make the full switch to the Mac environment given that the dead machine was the last Windows-based holdout in an ever increasing Mac-household. Unfortunately, the Windows machine was where I kept the books for my software consulting corporation and my e-photo organization software. As a result of the switch, I’ve been spending a large part of my existence (in addition to the normal work load in everyone’s life with two sports playing kids), getting gaming & family photos organized in new software (some 20,000 images!) and getting my company books back up and going so I can run payroll, etc.

So, yes, it’s been weeks (months!) since my last post and you can expect a much slower posting rate in the foreseeable future. However, please stick with me. I’m not out of the hobby by a long shot and look forward to getting back into the swing of things.

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